Wolf® 24" Coffee System-Stainless-EC24/S

Wolf® 24" Coffee System-Stainless-EC24/S
Wolf® 24" Coffee System-Stainless with hot water on demand and adjustable built in burr grinder


Coffee, Made To Size

  • Select the size you want from the pushbutton presets – everything from a one-ounce espresso shot to a 12-ounce coffee. Unique sizes (up to 7 oz.) can be programmed and saved using the customizable "My Coffee" setting.

Adjustable Built-In Burr Grinder

  • Thirteen grind settings in this stainless steel unit let you customize your whole bean coffee for the taste and body you prefer.

Uses Whole-Bean And Pre-Ground Coffee

  • The machine holds about half a pound of whole-bean coffee, and grinds it automatically to make your drink. It can brew single cups from pre-ground coffee too, so you can have your breakfast blend even when the bean reservoir is full of espresso roast.

No Plumbing Needed

  • Unlike units that must be connected to a water line, the Wolf coffee system can be installed anywhere without additional plumbing – kitchen, study, rec room. Easily accessible water reservoir holds 60.9 fluid oz. (1.8 liters), enough for several drinks between refills.

Hot Water On Demand – Tea Anyone?

  • Tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal, you name it. The system can deliver up to 14 ounces of hot water with the push of a button. How hot? That's up to you. The temperature is adjustable.

Brew It Extra-Mild To Extra-Strong

  • When you're brewing from whole bean coffee, five strength settings from extra-mild to extra-strong give you precisely the flavor you prefer, at any selected size.


Depth15.50 in.
Height17.88 in.
Width23.50 in.
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